Monday, December 6, 2010

J. Gray's 10 Songs.

Or: I'm Fairly Certain My Moral Compass is Broken. AKA: That Ole Brown Sound Ain't What She Used to Be.

Hey Buds!
So,here's my playlist for 2010. I actually cheated, and added 2 extra, which, I suppose isn't a good way to start off, but...fuck it. The linked file has an itunes .txt file that is the order they should be played in. And the above image is for if you want a special cover for the playlist.

Here's descriptions/reasoning/justification, in some cases...
Hope you enjoy.

1.Chuck Ragan: The Boat. So, real talk, I love me some Hot Water Music, and there's a lot going on in this song that gives me the same warm fuzzies that did then, now. Plus: fondness for burly beardos writing music.

2.The Bomb: Up From The Floor. In a similar vein, I also love me some (read: SOME) Naked Raygun, and this is like that, but with better production values. Don't know why I didn't bother until this year, frankly.

3.Against Me!: I was a Teenage Anarchist. So, not everything they've done, and especially not this album, but man, I like the positive defeatism in this song.

4.Ratatat: Glock Nines. So, Imagine an electronic group trying to remake metal without instrument remixing an awesome Beanie Sigel/Jay-Z song...all my favorite flavors of ridiculous and catchy.

5.R. Kelly: Echo. R. yodels. The end.

6.Townes Van Zandt: Pancho & Lefty. A dude I really like doing a live version of a song he wrote for Willy Nelson minus bad 80's country production. Winner.

7.Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash: Girl of the North Country. Two things at 40% each, combined, to make 110%, musically, as far as I'm concerned.

8. This Will Destroy You: Communal Blood. Soundscapey and wonderful from these dudes, again.

9.Duncan Redmonds: Catch the Wind. The dude from Snuff doing Donovan? See: the last sentence of my Ratatat explanation.

10. Ted Leo/Pharmacists: Bottled in Cork. Starts weird, ends in the catchiest bit I heard all spring/summer. Couldn't get this damn song out of my head for weeks.

11. Superchunk: Learn to Surf. Uhm, this one just got me. Catchycatchycatchy. Drive to the beach and not listen to this, I goddamn dare you.

Plus one. You'll figure it out.


  1. what a great f'n mix Justin. i miss hearing a lot of this kind of stuff that i'm not tuned into as much.
    1) great to hear Chuck Ragan as he's growing up. one of the few artists that i feel was growing at the same pace we were, unlike most people who get too boring too quick
    3) unexpected. and great lyrics
    4) i'm stunned at Ratatat! so many layers of awesome that almost shouldn't work
    5) speechless. as always.
    6) THANK YOU! i can never get through the 1st few notes of this until now. i can't believe what a great song, and all of the Highwaymen, are rendered unlistenable because of the year they were made
    7) this is just about the greatest duet ever. one of my favorites
    8) f yeah
    9) thank you again for bringing the summer of Snuff back in my life, but somehow a little awesomer

    and everything else was just a lot of fun rockin' coolness that's been absent from my ears for a while. thanks Justin!

  2. still enjoying the holy hell out of this mix. much as it pains me to say this, it's like my high school and college, but for adults, except you brought it back to me, so i feel like a kid, except wiser, and it's all great somehow. hmm