Thursday, December 1, 2011

S.Fawley 12 Songs of 2011

Ahhhh, for some reason, I’ve subconciously neglected the fact that this was a Top Ten list. Well, I’ve already prepared 12 songs. No disrepect to the organizer, but 12 it is. Hope you guys enjoy.

1. The Admiral’s Address - The Asteroid #4 - 1998
It’s funny, I had seen these dudes play and had them recommended to me a couple times but this was back in 1999 or so when I worked at the North Star. I was not trying to hear this hippy shit back then. Now, give me 10 bands that all ape Barrett era Pink Floyd and I’ll buy every album.

2. Mona Lisa - Atlas Sound - 2011
I like all the Atlas Sound stuff. This year’s album is a bit of a departure from the dreamy stuff done prior but good, in my opinion, nonetheless.

3. Amor Fati - Washed Out - 2011
I think this band made my list last year too, but I’m too lazy to look. This album is good to put on while you’re working and nod to. Coincidentally, I tattooed the song title on a dude yesterday.

4. Belong - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - 2011
Kind of retro-kitsch brooklyn stuff. Normally, I’d say nope, but this album makes me feel a certain way.

5. Endless Talk - Wild Flag - 2011
There was a lot of hype about this record this year, with it being comprised of all these talented ladies. There are a few really good rock songs on there, but the organ, singalongs and crunchy guitars on this one really do it for me.

6. Walking With The Ghost - Tegan and Sara - 2004
I was kind of forced to listen to the new release by these ladies. I thought I had an idea of what I was about to hear, and was totally fucking wrong. The new album is great (especially with headphones) and so is most of thier older stuff.

7. Snaggle Tooth Mama - Those Darlins - 2009
I just came across this band in the last month or two, and really like them. It’s fun Southern-bluesy-country kind of stuff. I’ve heard it called “Cowpunk”, which is a really dumb name.

8. Nomad By Fate - Chuck Ragan - 2011
This is what I’ve always wanted “Alt-Country” to sound like. I’ve liked what Chuck Ragan was doing in that genre since Rumbleseat, but this new stuff is so polished and well put together but gruff at the same time. This album is just great.

9. Dead Confederate - Father Figure - 2008
I somehow found this Athens, GA band this year. They’re kind of hard to describe but I think they’re good. They toured with Dinosaur Jr, if that’s any indication.

10. Grey Cell Green - Ned’s Atomic Dustbin - 1991
In all honesty, I may have heard this song before this year, but this is the first time I’ve really listened. I do remember being a young teen and seeing thier logo on a sticker in the surf mall and thinking “that band can’t be good with a name like that”. I guess that’s how this album has escaped me for 20 years. It’s really good. Listen to this one Justin, it makes me think of you for some reason.

11. Chicago Train - The Besnard Lakes - 2010
This band is good. The song really opens up nicely after a long Bon Iverish beginning part.

12. Jump in the Fire - Harry Nilsson - 1971
A good old one to wrap it up. I’ve got this habit of watching documentaries on netflix instant while I draw at night. I recently watch one on this guy. Really interesting career. Famous for the “Lime in the coconut song”. This song is wildly different from that one despite being on the same album. I think I like this one for all the reverby yelling and the jam sesh towards the end.


  1. Yo.I love that NADB song. Solid choice. Also: That Dead Confederate song is inspiration to get their record. It's the best mid tempo, mid 90's Dino Jr. song that's not. And me and Alicia agree Those Darlins? GREAT. Best kind of new Chuck Ragan. Best kind of mix. Thanks mang.

  2. another reason to love this blog. Steve, i truly miss you and your playlists buddy.

    1) hilarious description, but yeah, this has such a bouncy/spacey start and keeps evolving perfectly, complete with finale freak out

    2) it's so crazy what Atlas sound turned into..a real band! first thing i ever heard was some ambient noise track the Deer Hunter kid did in a hotel on tour; this song took me by surprise!

    3) been hearing so much about them but too lazy to take up all the recommendations. i think because some of the 80s influence i read about in reviews gets my jerk hairs bristling, but i'm glad to hear it now. it's not trying so hard, just done well. for me, i'd never actively put this on, but it's absolutely undeniable when by 3 minutes i'm swaying my head and humming along

    4) for a second i was hoping for a new song from Belong, but secretly happy to hear something that stirs the part of me that will admit to thinking "Gish" is a great album if inquired about. solid chorus and sounds

    5) is it weird to think of the Cars and Veruca Salt?

    7) given the right venue (Gem saloon, roadhouse, et al), i sure would LOVE to see them play

    8) i'm not 100% sure how i feel about the "polished" sound, though this track is perfect, but yes, dude is absolutely phenomenal

    9) man, what is it about them? it's like it reminds me of a hundred things i loved at various points of my life, but what? like favorite seconds of everything i loved in the 90s? gah. this is great

    11) awesome. something special about them. i can only do one or two tracks at a time, but i've long been sure to check out each record as the come out to cherry pick one or two solid songs. this one just adds the layers and then rips into it with great melody

    12) what a nut.

    my friend swore by Nilsson, who i sorta resented since i'm a huge Fred Neil fan (everybody's talkin). "the lime in the coconut guy? really?". after the sweet drum break and build up, i see why he gave me the "no no no no no..."

    i read everyone at his funeral broke out into a round of "you're breaking my heart..."