Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alexis's 2012 mix

download here!

1. Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away - Weirdly enough, I never listened to SoM much before this year. I had heard them many times, but never listened on my own.  A goth classic.

2. Merchandise - In Nightmare Room - I'd describe Merchandise as kind of a showgaze blend of New Order and The Smiths.  This track is from the Children of Desire LP, which I recommend listening to the whole way through rather than to the songs separately.

3. Rat Columns - I Wonder - Dark, noisy pop from SF

4. Siamese Twins - In a Box - Female fronted moody pop, kind of reminds me of The Cure.

5. Anasazi - Nuclear Paradise - I missed these guys open for the Mob and forgot to check them out afterwards, but a friend randomly gave me a demo months later.  Dark punk? Death rock? More punk than darkwave. Something like that. From NYC, so hopefully I'll get to see them soon!

6. Sickoids - My Curse
7. Replica - You can't stop the Weather
8. No Statik - Sigh of Relief
These three make the list more for their live shows. The Replica/No Statik show this summer was one of the best shows I went to all year.  Up the punx.

9. Erasure - Hideaway - We (read: my mom) had a dubbed copy of Two Ring Circus that we played at least a million times when I was a kid, but I have no recollection of this song from then. I guess we only had as much of the album as could fit on one side of a tape. As one Amazon reviewer said, "If this CD sounds dated at all, I am blind to it."  He is completely wrong. There is probably nothing more dated than Erasure remixes. But still a great album.

10. Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine - I had this in my head for about three weeks straight. So it's on my list.

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  1. I loved loved loved the Sickoids, Replica, and No Statik troika. I will definitely seek them out live. Super stoked for No Statik because it's ex- Scrotum Grinder!!!

    Also loved Brandy & Monica as it turns out... pairs well with a certain R Kelly/Usher duet.