Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Allen's song list for 2012

2012 has been a year of reflecting for me. It has also been a nonstop shitfest. But musically there hasn't been too much "new" stuff that I have gotten into. So this list reflects me getting into some classic metal bands that I should have years ago & some newer rap music that I discovered this year. I hope it is diverse enough to keep you interested.

1. Flatbush ZOMBIES - S.C.O.S.A. - Flatbush ZOMBIES are like if you took all the kooky spiritualism out of Gravediggas & replaced it with weed & strippers. Shit is straight stupid but I enjoy the hell out of it. They finally put out a mixtape this year with like five good tracks. This is my favorite.

2. Manilla Road - Crystal Logic - This is one of the metal classics that I finally got into. Like a Michael Moorcock tale come to glorious metal life. Totally over the top vocals. Can't get enough of this record.

3. Abysme - Formless - My favorite local band that also happen to be good friends of mine & a sick death metal outfit. Nothing groundbreaking. Just really well executed. For fans of Autopsy, Dungeons & Dragons, & all things awesome. Check out the album art by Putrid for this, it is fucking nutzoid.

4. Riot - Feel the Same - Another band I am kicking myself for not getting into sooner. A perfect blend of NWoBHM & NYC dirtiness. That opening riff gets stuck in my head for weeks & it isn't even the catchiest part of this gem.

5. The Lord Weird Slough Feg - High Passage/Low Passage - My good friend Mike Bolam turned me onto this band. This song is from the album Taveller. This is from Wikipedia "The album is based on GDW's 1977 science fiction role-playing gameTraveller.". Why are you still reading this? You should be rocking out & rolling dice.

6. Killer Mike - Regan - I fucking hate Ronald Regan. So does Killer Mike. I have never felt more vindicated in an opinion. This song kicks ass & the whole album Killer Mike did with El-P has to be on every top ten list for hip-hop.

7. Morbus Chron - Red Hook Horror - Swedish baby death metallers making insane music based on one of Lovecraft's most racist stories. Enjoy. 

8. Death Grips - Beware - I know I am very late on this record. I don't know if it is hip-hop or experimental rock. Shit is just good. I am the Beast I worship.

9. Dio - Hungry for Heaven - This one is a cheat. I have known & loved this song for years. This past year I went through a period where I was listening to this every morning before work. It gets me pump. It will dothe same for you. I am just sharing the love.

10. Action Bronson - Double Breasted - Lastly I give to you Action Bronson. Imagine a kid from NYC of Albanian descent that raps exactly like Ghostface about the subjects of food, sex & drugs. Stop imagining & live that dream. His mixtape "Blue Chips" is great & yes it is named after the movie starring Nick Nolte.

Honorable mentions for 2012: Pallbearer(you beat me to it Josh), Lake Mungo, Kill List, the fiction of Joe Abercrombie, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, Labyrinth Lord & amazing friends that support me through thick & thin. 
No thanks list: Poseurs & cancer. 

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  1. I really like Absyme! Love knowing a band like this can be local; I am not seeing enough of that.

    I'm a recent Killer Mike fan, but way of "BURN", which samples one of the top 5 Funkadelic songs of all time. Highest recommendations, even more angry and urgent and wise

    So this is what Death Grips sounds like? And it starts with Manson plus a Jane's Addiction loop? SOLD!

    Also a recent Action Bronson fan. A lot of my fandom relies on the production, but his recent mixtapes have been pretty great. This is a nice laid back one too