Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sal's Super Late 2012 Mix

1) Paul Chain Violet Theatre - Armageddon
Weird Italian proto-doom. Dude used to play in Death SS and uses an "entirely phonetic language for vocals and which may or may not resemble real speech".

2) Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Death's Door
Despite the internet hype, this record is pretty great. Super catchy stoner-ish rock about killing people.

3) Aaron Dilloway - After the Showers
Dilloway released one of the best noise records of the past decade. Didn't want to bore anyone with a 20 minute long song, so I included this short piece.

4) Terry Reid - Seed of Memory
I think this song is on the soundtrack to some Rob Zombie movie. First half of this record is pretty amazing and I spent many long nights listening to it on repeat. Sounds like unreleased songs from Graham Nash's Songs for Beginners. The second half of the record sucks.

5) Rosa Mundi - Christmas Is Now Drawing Near
Short lived Coil side project who released only 2 or 3 songs.

6) Dead Lord - No Prayers Can Help You Now
You like Thin Lizzy? So do these guys.

7) Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady
Just started to seriously appreciate TG after reading about The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye. Check out the trailer here:

8) Menace Ruin - Salamandra
Always liked MR, but none of their records really stuck with me, which changed with this last one. They dropped most of the "metal" from their sound and now its just super blown out keyboards with some really weird vocals.

9) Hexvessel - Sacred Marriage
Their motto is "Plant trees and worship Sagan!" How can you go wrong with that?

10) Borrowed Time - Burning Mistress
You like Heavy Metal? So do these guys.

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  1. Sal your mixes are always solid and things I am grateful someone else cherry picked for me. I think last year I became a huge fan of 40 Watt Sun and Leviathan.

    This year I could say that about most of this.

    Aaron Dilloway was fantastic sounds.
    Rosa Mundi was very beautiful lose your mind folk.

    Terry Reid was fantastic. Wasn't he the man almost in Zeppelin?

    loved Hexvessel very much. Definitely down with meditative drones, and certainly Sagan worshiping.

    Menace Ruin was fantastic! curious to hear how different they sounded prior, in addition to the rest of this record