Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alicia's 2010

1. Futuretapes – CSLSX
This band is a total mystery. Back in March put out a
call for local artists to submit tracks and the blog then picked it’s
favorite 10 and made them available for download on their site. This
song was the only one that stood out to me and I was instantly
obsessed. I looked for more, but they have no albums released, and a
quick internet search only turns up a website bearing the logo and a
looped track that plays for about 15 minutes. Here’s what philebrity
said: “Of all the tracks we sampled, this one by CSLSX — an act we
know literally nothing about — exuded pure joy from the moment we hit
“Play.” And that was before the amazing female vocal payoff in the
last minute. CSLSX, we have no idea who you are (and to be frank are
wary of your vowel-less moniker but nevertheless think it’s being
delivered with a wink), but please send us everything you have ever

2. Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
Weird, fun, catchy as hell

3. Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend
Justin, who hates Vampire Weekend, thinks this song is ok. I
can’t help but bounce around to this. I think it’s hard to dislike.

4. The Mall and Misery - Broken Bells
Dude from The Shins and Danger Mouse? Yes please. This album is pretty
solid but I always go right for this song. I love the group vocals on
the chorus.

5. Islands - XX
This band has probably had the most rotation for me this year. It's super chill and easy to sing along to. Best kinda background music for painting, cooking, working, fucking just about anything.

6. From Africa to Malaga- Jj
This makes me think of running through a meadow on a spring day. It’s
breezy and effortless. I haven’t heard much from this band, but I can
also recommend “Things Will Never Be the Same Again” from the same

7. Zorbing – Stornoway
Recently stumbled upon this song in a free download compilation and I
was totally hooked from the first listen. Might be my favorite new
song of the year. It feels so sweet and sincere and it’s really hard
not to sing along. I keep meaning to download the rest of the album
when I get some extra money…

8. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons
This album has somehow made the iTunes top ten albums for like the
last month or two, which is weird because when I get in the mood for
stupid pop music at work and I put on the top 100 station on the
internet radio, this song will come on in between Katy Perry and Bruno
Mars and it’s like “wait, what?”. So, I don’t know if everyone has
already heard of it, but whatever, it’s a great song.

9. Kelly (The Worlds Greatest) – Bonnie “Prince” Billy
I’ve been a Bonnie “Prince” Billy fan for a while now but I stopped
keeping up with his new releases after a few years. This song is from
an album from 2007 but when it came on Pandora a few months ago it
was new to me. I just thought it was so pretty. It took me at least a
month to realize it was actually a cover of an R. Kelly song from
2002. Still pretty awesome though.

10. Twenty Miles – Deer Tick
Good Alt-Country with twangy weathered vocals. The kind of music that
should be played around a campfire in the fall.

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  1. So. For realz. I didn't listen to this or ask what was going to be on it, until it went up, and, as we share an iTunes library, the temptation was there.
    So, even though technically i also own these songs, there are plenty that I don't think I have ever heard. And are awesome.

    1.Wow. How catchy can a song be. On a rarest of rare occasion, I agree with Philebrity.
    3.You nailed it. This is one of their songs I dont hate. Skinheads and swords are mentioned.
    8.Totally agree. Shouldn't be in any kind of pop category. Weeeeeird. Like.
    9.BPB:Aks. Priceless.

    All in all, I really love this. You found music from bands I dislike, and made me want to try them out again...which, is also a rare accomplishment. Thanks, lady!

  2. "one instant party: just add Alicia."
    so much super fun stuff i would never have heard otherwise

    1) very exciting. and infuriating. or maybe even better the mystery. it's too talented to be an isolated incident.
    2) i was getting super annoyed at how many lazy recommendation i would get for these guys based on music purchased via itunes or emusic etc. sounds like cartoon 80s Injuns to me
    4) i realize now that it's impossible to judge this record based on 30 second sound samples. what a great 1st minute!
    5) after bombarding myself with layers and blurs of noise much of the day, it's really refreshing to hear such simple good stuff. you should give the new Beach house a chance, as it's the record that, after curious gestation, i ended up humming along to the most for similar reasons as you've described
    7) so many little surprises throughout this one! the vocals that i thought were that weird keyboard that sounds like an 80s organ made of people, the horns, the charlie brown boogie for a few seconds. i think this is a keeper. you said it with "sincere"
    8) hell yeah! i just heard "little lion man", "sigh no more". and "winter winds", and i was hooked. at times, fierce, others with devastation on the horizon. the kind of music that could go awful at any moment but tows the line. i bet they would be great at a johnny brenda's with whikeys. thanks for introducing another good track! kind of cinematic
    9) double hells yeah. who could keep up with the releases and personalities of Oldham. i love he keeps "Aks" another track from this EP you should check out is "i came to hear the music". he forces you to look at and appreciate some of this under new context. and i think he even covered "am i evil" by Danzig on this too right?
    10) wow. thanks for all these cool introductions Alicia. great stuff! great exposure