Monday, January 31, 2011

Charles Bradley

i hope it's ok to post here like this, especially after all these incredible year end best-ofs for 2010, but i think i may have one hell of a way to start your 2011: Charles Bradley.

Bradley has been Sarah's & my favorite live performance of the last few years, and we've gone to see him every chance we could, once at an outdoor BBQ fest. He is gracious and charming and painful and passionate and utterly on fire live. His 7" "the World..." was both of our "Song of 2009." Trading time in the studio recording various 45s the last few years in exchange for discounted electrician work in the Daptone studio/office, Bradley, who once unsurprisingly moonlighted as a James Brown impersonator, finally "gets his due": a debut LP at the age of 62!

we just received our LP in the mail last week and can not stop playing it. it's just incredible; full of all the intangible qualities that make soul music so amazing, right down to the arrangements and recording qualities. It came with a "download" card (as a thanks for keeping vinyl alive, and supporting bands and artists for cryin' out loud), so i thought i'd share a few tracks with you guys! It will only be up for one week, so take advantage! Above all else, if you enjoy this, i can not urge you enough to go out and buy this record (possibly HERE). i did not omit any stinkers, skippers, or filler; the entire record is flawless and brilliant

check out a few superb cuts by downloading HERE

1 comment:

  1. Holy shit.
    I finally just listened to this.
    If anyone on here hasn't: You are fucking up.
    It's so damn good, I had to curse twice in describing it.
    (3 if you count damn.)