Monday, October 17, 2011


In the spirit of the season I've collected 41 of my favorite horror movie themes. I'm not 100% sure if I got the order right in the file so I'll post my track listing below.

Now you're all alone....

1-Prologue: Welcome To Creepshow
2-Rosemary's Baby Theme
3-Martin Theme
4-The Omen Theme
5-Inferno Theme
6-Return Of the Living Dead Theme
7-Susperia Theme
8-Zombi 2 Theme
9-The Beyond Theme
10-Profundo Rosso Theme
11-City Of the Living Dead Theme
12-Halloween Theme
13-Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Theme
14-Halloween III-Chariots Of Pumpkins
15-The Shining Theme
16-Phantasm Theme
17-Dawn Of the Dead-Zombi
18-Demons Theme
19-Nightmare City Theme
20-Tenebre Theme
21-Phenomena Theme
22-The Church Theme
23-Cemetery Man Theme
24-Amittyville Horror Theme
25-Candyman Theme
26-Hellraiser Theme
27-House By the Cemetery Theme
28-The Fog Theme
29-Day Of the Dead Theme
30-Tales From the Darkside Theme
31-Nightmare On Elm Street Theme
32-Psycho Theme
33-Friday the 13th Theme
34-Jaws Theme
35-My Bloody Valentine Theme
36-The Wickerman-Willow's Song
37-Last House On the Left-Now You're All Alone
38-Fright Night-J. Geils Band
39-Pet Semetery-The Ramones
40-Garth Mareghi's Darkplace-One Track Lover



  1. JMJ. What a list. And, I really can't gloss over the picture at the many more days til Halloween, Silver Shamrock?