Thursday, December 16, 2010


Pagan Altar "Pagan Altar"

-I often think about going on some epic quest, with a cloaked moon cat as my sole companion. Pagan Altar makes me think it could possibly happen one day.

Thin Lizzy "Honesty Is No Excuse"

-Downloaded a torrent of their entire discography and was trying to make my way through their early albums when this song came on. Never made it any further than this.

Nirvana "Old Age"

-Favorite song from a Nirvana rarities mix my roommate made. Think I listened to that mix more than any other album this year.

Ride for Revenge "No Saviour No Return"

-Weirdo Finnish black metal. I listen to a lot of music that I don't think I could listen to in the presence of most other people. RFR is the perfect example, though for reasons unlike any other band in that category.

Coil "Tattooed Man"

-Probably going to finish out the year obsessed with this song/band.

Death in June "Daedalus Rising"

-I thought about making a mix that only consisted of this song repeated 10 times.

Abner Jay "Bring It With You When You Come"

-Self described as the “last working Southern black minstrel." My greatest musical discovery of the past 5 years.

Nick Cave "When I First Came To Town"

-If I had to pick one person to be my hero it might be Nick Cave.

Christian Mistress "Home In The Sun"

-This song inspired other mixes such as 'Heavy Metal Montauk' , 'Heavy Metal Math Test', and 'Heavy Metal Workout.' Makes me want to huff gas, drive fast, and shoot guns.

Big Blood "The Architect and The Archeologist"

-Been totally obsessed with their music for close to 13 years now. Gives me hope for humanity.


  1. I have to admit I was looking forward to listening to your mix the most. I was guessing that I'd hear a lot of odd and interesting stuff, and I was right.

    1-OOooooooOOOooooohhhhh I like this...a LOT

    2-I like Thin Lizzy but...not this song?

    4-I don't know if I could listen to an entire Ride For Revenge record but I enjoyed this song. It seems like it would be good for mixes.

    5-This sounds like a circus where the clowns molest you and the elephants are dead but being moved by magic.

    7-I wasn't expecting to like this but it's pretty cool!

    8-always good

    9-I can't seem to get into this band.Though I did really enjoy Buried Blood:

    10-I feel like this is something that you, Kat and Denis could agree on. It's beautiful and haunting...another good exit song!

  2. Sal!
    1) epic indeed!
    2) i'm only realizing how awesome Thin Lizzy was the last few years. i love how people from all musical walks get along to Thin Lizzy
    3) for the diehard Nirvana fan, this was probably a great unearthed acquisition. what i love is how there's a generation of kids making music today who are openly paying homage to what an influential band Nirvana was
    4) i love the idea of lo fi droning metal where such poor recording is the only way i would ever want it to sound
    5) i love Mike's description!!! this is pretty cool. there's a type of Tom Waits that's i don't like because of the abrasive nature of the delerium tremens animated quality, but this is kind of dream like and luring

    7) please tell me this is a one man band. because it's great
    8) Nick Cave is like David Lynch or Tim Burton in that i keep TRYING to like it but for the life of me i just don't enjoy it at all.

    awesome mix Sal. great getting a small peek into what influences you