Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweatpants Jams 2010


Top 10:
Big Boi w/ George Clinton and Too Short - For Yo Sorrows
Favorite record of the year. Cohesive, diverse, fun. Even the skits are amusing. It's a shame the record labels wouldn't let Andre 3k rap on this. Also, shortest Too Short verse ever?

Converge - Cutter
Obliterating. Converge played the best live show I saw this year. The fact that they are getting better and not just cashing paychecks at this point is notable and commendable.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Listened to this over and over during my first visit to New Orleans this year. Loved the city, loved the aesthetic, loved the vibrancy. I traveled through a lot of cities this year, and this song was with me for most of them, just as Jay raps about a number of them including Philly - "I was on Cecil B., Broad St, Master, North Philly, South Philly, 23rd, Tasker". On top of the brilliance of the song itself, I was lucky enough to witness a surprise appearance by Jay at a jazz club in SF when I was seeing Just Blaze do a rad, intimate performance. See links that follow:

Curren$y - Audio Dope II
My friend and DJ partner Jason turned me onto this record. I had some tracks with Curren$y appearances on a few songs, but never really noticed him. But this whole album is awesome. And this track has... steel drums ... in the beat(?!). Super mellow beats and solid flow.

Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
Been on a big peace punk kick. This is a classic track, and I got a chance to scoop the single when a friend sold all his records.

Ted Leo/Rx - Bottled in Cork
Another great record from Ted Leo and company. This song has a great sound that spans genres, and could be appreciated by your parents just as quickly as the punks.
"Sometimes the path of least resistance/will gain you the most/more than trying to map the distances/up and down the East Coast"

RJD2 - the Glow
Just so smooth. Nice and positive. Really dig this track.

Electric Wizard - Turn Off Your Mind
Electric Wizard never fails to impress, and this song sounds like they have been listening to Kyuss when writing it. Have had this downloaded for awhile, waiting for the stupid vinyl to finally arrive. Also makes me think of a great tattoo experience I had with a new friend from Spain, as he was already obsessed with this record before anyone else had heard it.

The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Jamming a lot to classic rock this year. Had The Band on repeat when cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, and earlier in the year, had a nice peaceful drive across the Golden Gate Bridge listening to The Band station on Pandora.

Lil Wayne - I am Not A Human Being
Kinda got a modern day Run DMC sound to it, like Rick Rubin could have produced the track. The download that I have says that it features Travis Barker (from Blink 182) but I didn't see him in the video, and haven't found anything saying what his role in the song was. Anyways, turn it up, good jam.

Bonus internet jams:
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream w/ Keenan Cahill lip synching
This kid freaked me out, and gave me the willies when I first saw it, and then I was still curious, and had to go back and check it out again. And then I LOVED him. He's pretty hilarious, and this song is catchy as fuck. Plus my memory of this song will now always be tied to getting dropped out of the air onto a table and fucking up my pelvis after one eventful evening.
"Let you put your hands on me/In my skin-tight jeans"

Auto-Tune the News: iTunes Version - Bed Intruder Song (feat Antoine Dodson)
Internet phenomenoms are usually so lame, but this song is ridiculous, and so wrong, but so right.

Honorable mentions...
Budos Band - Kakal
Twilight - 8,000 Years
Eddy Current Suppression Ring -
whole Rush to Relax album
Droop-E - Dreams
(from Sade sample mix tape)
Masshysteri -
whole s/t album
Teddy Pendergrass - Come Go with Me
Novos Baianos - Tinindo-Trinicado
Gucci Mane - Lemonade
Big Boi w/ Gucci Mane - Shine Blockas
(yes, another track from the Big Boi record)
Nails - I Will Not Follow
Minnie Riperton - Reasons


  1. You know what's weird? That exact Band song almost made my list too this year. I dont know why/how but one morning I got the hook stuck in my head and was whistling it for days. I barely knew the song before that. And I'm glad Lil Wayne has made an appearance on at least one list...it wouldn't feel like a full year w/o one good Weezy jam.

    Side note: Is Keenan Cahill definitely a kid? He has way creepy man hands, if so.

  2. Keenan is totally like 14. So enamored. I love how bad he is at lip-synching! P.S. I almost put "Knockout" on mine but decided against it... Love the "Y'all can't see us, like the bride's shoes," line!

  3. i was sold with that Billy Stewart sample in Jay Electronica! awesome. nice to hear about New Orleans too, near and dear to my heart, and only having been there once, but it left a huge impression on me

    The Band is the kind of, um, Band, i don't think i'd ever bother to check out, out of sheer ignorance. thanks for making me listen to this.

    LOVE twilight, that was amazing.

    RIP Teddy. listened to "i miss you" all that january/feb...and holy cow Big Boi sampled it!?!?! this is awesome!!!

    Tinindo-Trincado was great too! and kinda crazy to hear Minnie Riperton get down to a jam, or anything that wasn't "loving you..."

    fun mix! thanks!

  4. dude i am cracked out on that Jay Electronics song!

  5. Awesome! I love that jam! Glad you're enjoying it