Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DJDC Makes You A Mix - Dozens Rejoice

DJDC 2010 Mix

Making a "Best of the Year" mix is always tough for me. I don't really keep up on new bands and records. I get into shit that everyone has already been into for years (then the band breaks up or dies), or I just keep getting that one bands' new record when no one else has been into them for years. This year isn't really that different. Here it is, my Best of 2010:

1)"I Don't Mind It" - The Screaming Females - Some call this band pop-punk, but they're actually a bit more diverse. Fuck it, I think they're a Rock band. And that lady wails on the guitar.
2)"Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac - Yes, I'm aware that THE MAC has been around forever, and I know I've heard this song a million times on 102.9 WMGK, but I've never really listened to Rumours before. Holy shit! Imagine all of the records you've listened to that have been big pop hits. How many hits are on them? This record has ALL of them. (Okay, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" is corny as hell, but the rest are really good). That's right, I like Fleetwood Mac. Eat me.
3)"Always Knew It Couldn't Stay" - Pet Milk - In the interest of full disclosure, I'm on this record. And I'm really stoked about it. (I've since quit the band to focus on school, but they will continue, and probably get a bit popular.) I like this song a bunch, and the new stuff is even better. Stay tuned!
4)"U Got The Look" - Jeff The Brotherhood - Psychedelic skate rock? Sure, whatevs.
5)"When I'm With You" - Best Coast - By design, this band sounds like Southern California. Lazy ass pop about weed and boys. Great song, great record.
6)"Bartolomeo and The Buzzing of Bees" - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - To me, this band can really do no wrong, and they deliver again with this new record. I was going to go with "Bottled Up In Cork", but Justin beat me to it. It's cool, I love the bass on this song, and the lyrics are great, so I don't mind changing.
7)"Time Collectors" - Pink Coffins - Is it tacky to put not only one but TWO of your own songs on a "Best of the Year" mix. Yeah. I'm still in this band, and I'm really stoked about it too! It's fucking hardcore, nothing groundbreaking, but I can rock out while playing and that's all that really matters, no?
8)"Botten Ar Nadd" - Masshysteri - Dammit, just found out this band broke up. Amazing melodic punk/rock from Sweeden. Who cares if I have no idea what they're saying? I'm sure it's cool punk shit. I know, it's really good.
9)"Can't Hardly Wait" - The Replacements - Why didn't you guys tell me this band was good? WTF!
10)"Change On Me" - RVIVR - Melodic pop-punk in a different way then Masshysteri. This record is really really good and gets me excited for punk again. I love how it's sandwiched in between 2 parts of the same song, makes it sound like one whole piece of music. "No matter what you do, death surrounds you". Heavy shit, bro.
BONUS TRACK - "Kensington Blues" - Jack Rose - I had to include this one, as I listened to this record on repeat while studying for my first semester of grad school. For those of you that don't know, Jack Rose is a guitar player from Philly (used to be in Pelt) that died suddenly from a heart attack earlier this year. Of course I didn't start listening to him after his death, and now I know I really missed out.

I just downloaded everyone's mixes and I'm excited to listen to all of them!! Good work everyone!!
-Denis Carey, 12/14/10


  1. Dennnnnnniiiiisssssssss! I probably never would've heard 50% of this had it not been for this mix.

    3-That Pet Milk song keeps gettin stuck in my head!

    4-I was ok with this (it reminded me of Silly Girl through a Jimmy Eat World filter) until I watched the video which made me wanna barf!

    5-always good

    6-doesn't matter if it's groundbreaking...it's fucking good!

    7-I wish I had had this in the spring to go on a mix right after Marked Men.

    11-I really liked this...great way to lead us out...

  2. Denis it's great to listen to all of these mixes because it's like getting to hang out with all you guys and gals that i miss so much, and this is such an extension of your personality. it's awesome

    1) i don't know where i heard this song first, but i'm so glad to have it now, as it's just the kind of good song i would never know to look for
    2) as much as my knee jerk to this band is the dry heaves, in the context of "Denis", it's almost charming
    3) i love this song! what perfect recording and feeling. so damn innocent.
    5) loving this band. "the sun was high and so was i" is a favorite around here
    7) good for you Denis. i thin kit's awesome to hear what you're up to, and even better for you being so proud. and you should be, it's great!
    9) have you heard Alex Chilton's "with a girl like you" ? you must

    and Jack Rose. incredible. love and miss that guy. i heard he was something else to watch, in addition to hear