Thursday, December 9, 2010

SongsOf2010 - Fawley

First off, let me thank Justin for putting this together. We haven't worked in the same office for a while now, and I really miss sharing music with these dudes. Secondly, I'm also stoked to hear what everyone else is into. So, without further ado, here they are. Hope you enjoy.

1. Awesome Color - Eyes of Light - 2008. Heard this album this year and just really got into it. I like the repetitive beat of it. The album is great by the way.

2. Arzachel - Leg - 1969. A gift from this year. The album was recorded in a cave in the Ukraine. For real.

3.The Black Angels - 2010. I've been following these Austin dudes for a couple years now. They're just about everything I look for in a rock band. See them live if you get the chance.

4. Girls - Lust For Life - 2009/10. I know, this song would probably be on every girl that works at URBN's top list for the year, but, there's something I really like about it.

5. Dungen - Gör Det Nu - 2007. Psych/Prog/Folk. I don't know. Some weird Swedish freak-out shit. I guess I missed the boat on these dudes. I remember people being stoked on this R5 show.

6. Mount Carmel - Livin' Like I Wanna - 2010. Almost sounds like the first Grand Funk album with a little less testosterone. And that's cool with me.

7. The Warlocks - Standing Between the Lovers of Hell - 2010. Some mellow stuff from a band that's awesome.

8. Wooden Shjips - Contact - 2009. Music to smoke drugs to.

9. Sleepy Sun - Wild Machines - 2010. Just got into this band a couple of months ago and haven't stopped listening to it. They're a good mix of dreamy and psych.

10. Wild Nothing - Drifter - 2010. Great song from a great album.

11. Washed Out - New Theory - 2010. A little more synthy than I'm used to, but that's a good thing. Their name actually describes the music quite well.

12. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - 1985. I may have heard this one before this year, but for some reason, it's really stuck with me lately.

13. Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand - 2010. This is almost some Goth cross-over type stuff. It's dark, but her voice is beautiful.

14. Phosphorescent - Reasons To Quit - 2009. I really like this dudes stuff. So, when he put out a tribute album to Willie Nelson, I was stoked. I've always like Willie's version which was written by Merle, but this is a nice twist.

PS. Sorry Justin, there was no way I could come through with just 10 songs. Hope you don't mind.


  1. It's like you made a mix that I simultaneously want to go camping with, on a picnic with, and do the drugs and drink to. This is awesome mang, thank you so much!

    If you described that Wild Nothing song to me, I would say no fucking way, but GD if I dont love it.

  2. hot damn! i've never wanted to be back at the work desk so badly as i do listening to this mix! if these are the great influences, it makes me recant some of the harsher words i've had for the 70s

    1) awesome indeed. ripping opener!
    2) you had me at "recorded in a cave in the Ukraine". sold the first minute. crazy about it by the 2nd
    3) great, and different (higher) for them. but the turn it takes 2/3rds of the way in is awesome
    4) glad i never heard this one, and think it's a cool perspective
    5) i forget what Zeppelin song this scarcely reminds me of in good ways, but this is precisely what i thought i couldn't imagine Dungen would sound exactly like
    7) hell yes
    9) woah. ditto Justin. not easy to peg. just need to hear it
    10) way to cherry pick and reaffirm that even genres and sounds i THINK i don't like have some stand out excellent examples of goodness
    11) it's also at this point i recognize what a fantastic MIX you have made, in terms of sequence and flow. and music of course.
    12) the only thing worse than this song is the fact that i might really like it (i'd love it if it were 2 minutes long).

    helluva mix as always Fawley