Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kyle's songs!!!

I second Steve. Good deal Justin! I miss you guys (except that Peter fellow)!

So anyway, here are the songs I chose. I had like 20+ and then got it down to 10, but then remembered 2 that I had to include. Also, all but 4 of them are actually from 2010! I guess it was a better year than most. So my list...


1) Swans "No Words/No Thoughts" from My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky- 2010

This is the first track from their first album in 14 years and it's friggin' brutal. The song doesn't really start until about 3.5 minutes in and when everything comes together at the end (8:31)... well Jeazy Chreezy, it's one of the most chill inducing parts i've ever heard. The rest of the album is great too.

2) Balmorhea "Bowsprit" from Constellations - 2010

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this song is just really beautiful. Kinda like folky post rock or something. Sweet banjo and stompin'.

3) Junius "Stargazers & Gravediggers" from The Martrydom of a Catastrophist- 2009

I'm retroactively making this my 2009 album of the year. The album is a pretty crazy concept album that really flows as a whole piece. This song is like the climax. Intense choruses.

4) Earth "Omens and Portents I: The Driver" from The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull - 2008

I always thought all Earth songs were just guitar drone stuff but apparently I've been missing out cause they've been making this kind of amazing stuff for the last few years. No one told me! I heard this at a Junius show and had to ask what it was. It's dark and intimidating while also being totally chilled out and pretty.

5) Year Of No Light "Pers├ęphone II" from Ausserwelt - 2010

So these guys were decent on their first record but then took a few years off and made some lineup changes and made this and blew themselves away. 2 drummers!! So intense and heavy.

6)The Twilight Sad "The Wrong Car" from The Wrong Car EP - 2010

I like these guys alot (thanks Steve for introducing me to them) and if this is a glimpse at what they have coming up, well count me in. They've added strings for the first time, which adds a whole new layer.

7) Birthing of Millions "Borders and Bounderies" from self titled ep - 2010

My band played with these guys over the summer. They know their instruments so well it makes me embarrassed. They play extremely calculated progressive mathy shit that manages to have a sweet groove. There's this insane buildup starting at 3:48 that blows my mind. These guys deserve to get huge.

8) Chairman WOW "Only Baby Sharks" - don't know when or where it's from

So I saw this band Battlehooch that were ok. They were a wild "party" band or something with saxophones and funny moustaches. Well they played one some that I remembered liking so I looked them up on the internets and it turns out it was a cover. Ha! This song was stuck in my head for weeks. So many layers and it's really just vocals and guitar.

9) Grinderman "Palaces Of Montezuma" from Grinderman 2 - 2010

To my surprise, this is my favorite album of the year. In fact, this album made me realize I love Nick Cave. Yea, he has a lot of crap too but some of his stuff is fantastic. Warren Ellis, who plays on this album, makes some of the coolest guitar sounds i've heard in forever.

10) Deftones "Diamond Eyes" from Diamond Eyes - 2010

I was certainly not expecting to like this album as much as I did but man o man, I listened to this for a week straight. Best stuff they've done in years. Swell job guys.


11) Mouth of the Arthitect "In Your Eyes" from The Violence Beneath - 2010

What's that? Sludge metal version of a Peter Gabriel song? Sold. The best part is that I was 2 min in before I realized what I was listening to.

12) Zager & Evans "In the Year 2525" - 1969

I feel left out that I've never heard this song before and had to be introduced to it in the opening credits of Gentlemen Broncos. So good! Also, see Gentlemen Broncos. It's silly.

Wow, that was a long ass write up. Sorry! Took me much longer than I thought. It was super fun though. Thanks fer listening!




  1. I am so glad someone else like Gentlemen Broncos. That scene with the boa constrictor made me laugh so hard I thought i broke my guts.

  2. 1) phew! man, you almost need to go outside and take a breather after this. i'm pretty drained. well worth the wait.
    2) i'm all for this! it's funny because all i know from this group is gorgeous etherial remixes (highly recommend), so it's awesome to finally hear the precise beauty here
    3) i'd like to know more about the concept. it's curious to me when instrumental music starts experimenting with vocals
    4) i also slept on Earth. thanks!
    5) i loved their first record Nord. french neurosis? don't mind if i do. downloaded Ausserwelt a ways back and was unprepared but welcoming
    6) Kyle i think you will like them live very much

    9) i wish i could like Nick Cave, but i think this will fall under our "agree to disagree" category along with Talking Heads. sweet record covers though. i still like to pretend that Warren Ellis the comic writer plays with him.
    10) i always try and lump these guys with Limp Btzkut and the like, except every record always has 1 or 3 songs that i love.
    12) classic!

    great mix Kyle, thank you so much!