Friday, December 10, 2010

Allen's "Who the f*ck listens to such crap music?" playlist for 2010

Hello all. Thank you Justin for including me in this. Hopefully you all will find something buried in this mix that brings you joy.

1) Ghost - "Con Clavi Con Dio" - from the album Opus Eponymous 2010. Got turned on to this band by a mix of bands playing the "Live Evil" fest in England. The fest was cultivated from bands that Fenriz of Darkthrone made blog posts about. I trust Mr. Nagell's choices in music very much. Here he did not steer me wrong. Great Satanic psych metal from Sweden. Photos from their live shows look a bit like Portal & like a seance. Good times.
2) Blood Ceremony - "Children of the Future" - from the album Blood Ceremony 2008. Satanic psych-metal that sounds like it is from 1968 yet recorded by some Canadians in 2008. Great stuff. Female vocals akin to Grace Slick with Black Sabbath-esque guitar riffs & flute solos. Also their album cover is taken from a Clark Ashton Smith book cover. Love it.
3) Icecross - "Jesus Freaks" - from the album Icecross 1973. Another band that Fenriz turned me on to. Great psyche-rock from the '70's. "They believe in Jesus/We believe on ourselves." That about sums it up.
4) Rome - "Les Deracines" - from the album Nos Chants Perdus 2010. Man oh man do I dig this band. It is the brain child of two Luxembourgers & a good mix of Nick Cave & Death in June for my money. The dudes voice melts my heart.
5) Richard Harris - "MacArthur Park" - from the album A Tramp Shining 1968. This song kept getting referenced on different podcasts I was listening to so I decided to give it a shot. Holy shit. I had no idea. There are multiple movements, insane lyrics poorly sung, orchestra. It is the song that defines the word bombast. Brilliant.
6) Scott Walker - "It's Raining Today" - from the album Scott 3 1969. I got into Scott Walker recently. Who knew I would like a crooner? There is so much pathos in this man's voice that it should win over any self loathing lover of goth. His albums are a soundtrack to suicide & I love them.
7) Charles Mingus - Group Dancers - from the album The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady 1963. Mingus composing for ballet? Yes please. When the flute first comes in I want to pirouette around my house. Also, keep an ear peeled for the Spanish guitar. I wonder if it hurts being a genius? So beautiful.
8) Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane - "Epistrophy" - from the album At Carnegie Hall 1957. Monk & Coltrane? Yes please.
I should say now that tracks 9 & 10 diverge a bit from the rules of this game. Over the past year comedy has a been large part of my entertainment consumption. Podcasts like Never Not Funny & The Pod F. Tompcast have brought me great joy so I thought I'd include bits from the host of each podcast.
9) Jimmy Pardo - "Subway" - from the album Pompous Clown 2007. I love the humor of Mr Pardo. Stupid one liners, crowd work & ridiculous observational stories.
10) Paul F. Tompkins - "Smashed Pennies" - from the album Freak Wharf 2009. You probably know Paul F. from VH1 shows or from Mister Show or from his stand-up or from his brief appearance in There Will Be Blood. He is a genius. Probably my favorite comedian right now.


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  2. Honestly, this was awesome to listen to. Paul F Tompkins: one of my favorite comediennes, and this is an awesome bit. And that Rome song? Hauntingly good. And man...Icecross. All that said, I feel a way about jazz, that I can never get around. Someone once described it as a bunch of dudes telling a joke I am never in on, musically...and that's how it goes for me. I'm always interested to try (these tracks were super interesting, and glad to hear your pirouette thoughts), and I can appreciate it from afar/on paper, but never do I find the sounds that get me hooked. But dude...this is exactly what I wanted mix trade to accomplish. Thank you again.


    Check it.

  4. 1) what a great opening drive
    2) it's too easy to poke fun at the flute, but it actually adds to the forrest ritual quality of it all. more great riffs, and actually gets pretty wild there in some moments
    3) haunting AND groovy? well i never!
    5) i can not believe you put this on here. seriously do yourself a favor and lose a day you-tubing any time Richard Harris was ever on a talk show (look for Johnny Carson and Letterman). like the greatest old drunk prankster who EVER lived
    6) there's a lot of great Scott Walker (and The Walker Brothers) out there. you said it regarding suicide. my intro to him was "The Electrician" thanks to the Refn film "Bronson" (i recommend anyone check it out, hat tips to Kubrick abound). anyways, that song was so weird but i just couldn't shake it so i dove a little deeper. daunting at times. netflix is streaming a great documentary called 30th Century Man that puts it all into perspective.

    7 & 8 are wild, and really good. i can only do jazz in small doses, but i love your additional Paul F joke regarding jazz. hilarious. i am also reminded of a hilarious title to a "dillinger 4" song, "farting is jazz for assholes"

    i think it's awesome you included comedy here. i've been missing out on so much good stand up

    killer mix Allen!