Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeanne's Top Um...11

Hey guys! This was a rough year for me music wise since my computer has broken and been reformatted several times until it finally completely died and my record player and most of my stereo components are also shot. It's actually fairly typical for me to have a bunch of broken junk but not for this long. I did manage to track down some new stuff or just revisit some neglected stuff though:

1)The Plasmatics- The Damned
I've been familiar with the Plasmatics punk stuff for a while but it was only this year I discovered the later thrashy stuff and became completely obsessed. I had to pick this song because I've probably watched the amazing video 500 times this year.

2)Rikk Agnew- It's Doing Something
I love many of Rikk Agnew's projects and finally took the time to listen to his solo album All By Myself where he wrote and performed all of the parts and instruments in all the songs. I really like gloomy punk from the 80's so this was right up my alley.

3)The Red Dons-Walk Alone
Im not sure if I first heard the first Red Dons album this year or the last but I sure wore out this song this year. It seems like a great modern follow up to stuff like the above song.

4) The Skeletal Family- Promised Land
I listened to so much Death Rock this year. This was one of the real standout songs though.

5)45 Grave- Evil
Another thing I might not have heard for the first time this year but I definitely wore out.

6) Mourning Noise- Barbarian Hunt
My friend Ned was over for dinner this summer and said really nonchalantly "hey did you know about that band that are from Jersey and were friends with the Misfits and had a band that sounded just like them at the same time?" No shit!! It's always exciting to find more of an old thing you already know you like. Not quite as stupidly brilliant or weird as the Misfits (and with a few conservative political non-monster themed songs) but still fun.

7)Amebix- Axeman
Amebix have always been around, but this year I started really paying attention. I didn't actually realize I was so focused on them until I announced to Mike "wow, Amebix are so cool" for apparently the 300th time and he politely asked me to shut up already.

8)Darkthrone- I am the Graves of the 80's
I heard this was coming out and I knew I would like it and then it came out and I did. Sometimes it's actually nice when something is predictably awesome. A lot of the songs on this record also have parts that sound like Butthead singing which I really like to sing to myself when I ride my bike in the morning.

9) Soror Dolorosa- Thousand Clouds
Someone recommended this to me because I like the Sound. Good call!

10) Lollipop Shop- You Must be a Witch
I have actually heard the Dead Moon and Lost Sounds version of this song but finally dug out the original. So cool!

11) Roky Erickson- Goodbye Sweet Dreams
I had to put on one more song just to make everyone sad. I heard a version of this in You're Gonna Miss Me years ago and then this version comes out. Sob.

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  1. 1) i don't think i realized how shredding the Plasmatics really were. though i am a big fan of her duet with Lemmy for "stand by your man"
    2-5) whatever i was doing the first 10 years of my life, i was not listenng to this. thanks for catching us up!
    6) love this. perfect length for any song in my opinion
    8) aside from how sweet this track is, as soon as you said "butthead singing", i not only laughed, knew what you were talking about, AND immediately thought about "boooooowwwww beforrrreee meeee", but that's exactly where your link went to. thank you
    11) what a great song, what a great documentary. a tad over produced for my tastes at first (surprising because Okkerville knows how to conduct and record, though i love the noisy swells), but i would argue that Roky is more powerful now than ever before. have you heard Mogwai's "the devil rides"? folks love it or hate it, but i think it touches on his inner world pitch perfectly

    awesome mix Jeanne! really put me in a time and a place and a mood. GREAT to work to also, no wonder you churn out the awesome art you do