Monday, December 13, 2010

Screamin' Mad Mike's Best Of 2010

So, since 2006 I've been making annual mixes that encompass all the stuff I've been obsessing over that year. Well, my computer died around the same time I reformatted my iPod and I lost '08 and '09. I was gonna call it quits when this came up. I usually let the mixes go to like 30 songs, though, so forgive me if I go over.

1-Plasmatics-The Day Of the Humans Is Gone- I love the bad grammar of the title and that it's off a concept album about GIANT MAGGOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. The chorus rules "Rejoice, rejoice, raise our voices high, Rejoice, rejoice, everyone will die".

2-Propagandhi-Potemkin City Limits- I got this record late but STILL can't stop listening to this song about Fracis the Pig. The little dude escaped a slaughterhouse and lived in the woods on the edge of Potemkin for 2 months. He was finally killed by a hunter and the abattoir raised a statue of him. Insult to injury.

3-The Mad-Eyeball- This may be my absolute favorite song of this year. The Mad were from NYC during the late '70s and were fronted by Screamin Mad George (see above ape picture). Originally from Japan, he studied special effects and brought it to their stage show, usually "castrating" himself on stage. When he graduated and The Mad ended, he started doing FX for Hollywood features like Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Society, and Bride Of Reanimator. Also, "Eyeball, eyeball, stupid eyeball" are genius goddamn lyrics.

4-Johnny Cymbal-The Water Was Red- Jeanne and I got really into teenage death songs (Leader Of the Pack, Leah) last year, but we couldn't find this one no matter how hard we searched. I eventually ripped straight from YouTube. Most teenage death songs are about car accidents or suicide, but this one's about a shark eating a dudes girlfriend and them him going into the water with a knife to get revenge!

5-Morticia-Pennies Upon My Eyes- In search of songs for a Halloween mix I stumbled upon this second wave goth band from Minneapolis. The lady in the band (Jodie Tanaka) went on to do PR for the Minnesota Twins?!

6-Mourning Noise-Monster Madness- Jeanne summed this one up pretty well.

7-Twisted Sister-The Kids Are Back- I used to love Twisted Sister as a kid, but this year is the first time I listened to their stuff before Stay Hungry. It's sounds more like Gary Glitter or Slade.

8-Cauldron-Witch Trial- This song/album is the bane of Jeanne's existence. I will not stop listening to it and she hates it.

9-Darkthrone-Circle the Wagons- Yeah, what Jeanne said about Butthead.

10-Watain-Reaping Death- I didn't know the name of this song and I was texting Sal about how it had a sweet rip off Creeping Death riff, then I looked at the title....sweet.

11-Marduk-Chorus Of Cracking Necks-I love the sound effects in the chorus!

12-Weird Al Yankovic-Angry White Boy Polka- I looooovvveee Weird Al. I saw him in Vegas in 2002 with my little brother and it was the best big live show I've ever seen. This year is the first time I've ventured into newer Weird Al territory. Turns out he's still great.


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  1. 1) man between you and Jeanne i am loving how ripping Plasmatics were
    2) they still got it! +4 ! great melodies and they really make me care a LOT about this story
    3) loving everything you tell me about this.
    4) hot damn! i LOVE this! i'm sure you know all these but you must find Ebony Eyes (by the everly brothers, who i am crazy about). also Tell Laura I love Her (Ray Patterson), Patches ( great one by Dicky Lee), one of my favorites "Terry" (by Twinkle. honest.) and i would argue The Girl On Death Row (duane eddy & lee hazelwood), but then that opens up half of Marty Robbins catalog (not so terrible). oh! and check out Del Shannon. not death, but dude was dark for the time, and killed himself, so, there's that cred. finally, did you know these were also called "splatter platters"?
    6) awesome
    9) still laughing over remembrances of butthead singing
    10 & 11) LOVE these
    12) i thin kit's amazing you saw him in 2002. i think anyone our age had a moment in their life that they loved Weird Al, maybe even had a cassette of his. my Mom took me to see UHF in the theaters and a, eternally grateful for that. i can not believe how many songs he shreds through here (is it bad how much i like the system of a down part?). i mean, you kind of can't deny the talent it took to make this track

    super fun mix Mike