Monday, November 28, 2011

Sal Music 2011


1) True Widow - The Jackyl
Read the description for this record on the Aquarius Records site and decided to pick it up and was immediately blown away. Since then each person I've introduced this band to has also become obsessed. I think Josh summed their sound up best when he said Slowdive meets late Earth.

2) Myrtha - Death and Destiny
Bukowski turned me on to some early Swedish metal (FWOSHM) and while searching blogs for some music to download I stumbled upon this. Not sure why this record isn't mentioned next to Diamond Head or Angel Witch, but it's every bit as good.

3) Umberto - The Psychic
This dude played on an LP I released on Peasant Magik and ended up receiving his first solo cassette through some trades. Thought it was a decent debut and picked up his follow up, Prophecy of the Black Widow. Dude killed it.

4) Leviathan - Shed This Skin
I thought it would be impossible to top his last record, but I think he might have.

5) Belong - A Walk
Took me a long time to get into this record. I originally thought it sounded a little too modern and the drum machine really annoyed me. Looking back, I'm not sure why I kept coming back to this, but I'm glad I did. The Cure meets My Bloody Valentine, maybe?

6) Of The Wand and The Moon - Shine Black Algiz
This record changed my mind about buying 7"s. Great song which might have been lost if presented in a full length.

7) Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons
Recent discovery. The description mentioned Townes Van Zandt, so I bought it. Been depressed ever since.

8) 40 Watt Sun - Open My Eyes
Hands down, album of the year. Also a contender for best live show of the year, but Neurosis might take that one.

9) Jandek - I'm Ready
Spent a few weeks this year going trying to go through his discography. Pretty daunting task, but, in the end, one of the better decisions I have made.

10) Coil - Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)
I got into Coil shortly before last year's list. Don't think a day has gone by this year where I haven't listened to them. This was played at John Balance's funeral service and apparently the singing at the end is in some made up language.


  1. Sal.
    I think you may be a huge part of why I want to do this thing.
    I never know what I'm going to get, but I always know I'm going to be surprised in the best kind of way. This mix is a phenomenal thing.
    Items of note: I have a feeling I'm going to hunt down most of the Blaze Foley stuff (the TVZ comparison is dead long as the production of the music doesn't go real TVZ, I'll be stoked).
    And that 40 Watt Sun: Fuck me, that's great.
    Also not to be overlooked: I have a feeling I'm going to like Belong the more I hear it.
    Thank you.

  2. awesome Sal, i am grateful to get a little Sal in my life, miss you buddy.

    1) LOVED Jackyl! you had me at "Slowdive meets Earth" a little confused waiting for the chainsaw solo though.

    3) while this isn't always my kind of music, the sounds used are excellent. definitely appreciate anytime someone manages to get analog feelings over rather electric sounds

    5) never sure what i'm going to get with a Belong record, but here's someone doing the "i'm sorry i left your rel to reel masters out in the sun and drenched with orange soda" sound right

    6) a nice switch up, and i'm always going to like a little accordion and glockenspiel. and long live the 7"s. you just never know, and it's such a great format. i kind like the slow "retunr of the single" happening this decade

    7) awesome. love that it's live and sounds like he's playing to the right room to the right amount of people. not sure i could listen to a whole record without being properly country bummed

    8) thinking i might be picking up this 2xLP...

    9) Houston represent! always curious and intimidated by this enigma, and thankful someone else is willing to cherrypick this kind of outsider stuff

  3. As I said before Sal, this whole mix is incredible. These are my favorite but honestly, I’ve already listened everything (and loved it) more than any other mix.

    1) This might be my favorite track. On anyone’s list. I’m angry at Josh for not immediately suggesting this to me.

    5) The Cure meets My Bloody Valentine, perfect description. Love this.

    6) I have no idea why it took me so long to listen to any of this dude, amazing.

    8) Album of the year.

    9) Need to listen to more of this but there’s just so much. This song makes me want to try.