Monday, November 28, 2011

Mike's Best Of 2011

Ok ok ok. I know I'm playin' fast and loose with the "top 10" idea by including 14 songs, but the first track isn't really a song it's just an intro and the rest are really good. That makes it ok right??

Click here to download!!

-From the best fictional record ever not made.

2-Lonely Hearts-Lonely Heart
I got really into downloading rare First Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal from the blog Cosmic Hearse this year. The cover (altered for the above pic) is amazing.

3-Arrowz-Help Me
Thin Lizzy-esque FWOSHM with lyrics like "smoke on my cigar".

4-Stitch-Devil's Deal
Another FWOSHM band with a devilish name and devilish song.

5-Proud-Star Fighter
This FWOSHM band has a lame name and the lyrics are kinda lame but it'll get stuck in your head all day.

6-Dealer-Better Things To Do
Cosmic Hearse also posts a ton of obscure NWOBHM bands that only ever released a single 7". Dealer is one of them and I love it.

7-In Solitude-Serpents Are Rising
My favorite track off this record. Apparently the secret members of Ghost are dudes from this band or something.

-Best Covers Section-

8-Speedwolf -Time To Annihilate
Much like, how Dan Seagrave's art got me into Dismember in high school, whoever did the cover for this record got me into Speedwolf. Four werewolves riding motorcycles down the highway with a grim reaper in the sky?! That kind of accurately sums up how the record sounds too. Kinda Motorhead-ish in the way that Inepsy are?

9-Ravencult-Hail Revenge
Ripping Greek black metal released by Hell's Headbangers this year. The cover art is by Chris Moyen, and the font and layout is suspiciously similar to Watain's Lawless Darkness record from last year. Same font, same black and gray monochromatic scheme and same "old book" look. I mean, whatever, the record's awesome.

10-Entrails-To Live Is To Rot
Entombed-esque death metal released in September of this year. This record comes complete with a Dan Seagrave-ish cover.

11-Eibon-Entering Darkness
French, Clark Ashton Smith inspired doooooommmmm.....

12-Merciful Nuns-Nunhood
Saddest. According to LastFM "The band’s lyrical content deals with the occult, Thelema, ancient cultures/The Megalithic Age, and spiritual progression. "

13-Inferno Theme-Keith Emerson
As Halloween rolled around Jeanne and I got obsessed with horror movie soundtracks. This one however, got stuck in our brains a few months earlier when we watched Inferno all the way through for the first time ever.

14-The Fixx-One Thing Leads To Another
This song also wound up rattling in my brain after it was featured in The House Of the Devil.

PS. I would've put Perform This Way or Polka Face from the new Weird Al record on my mix, but I bought it from iTunes and I don't think ya'll would be able to play it without my password.


  1. i kind of want to put on a leather jacket and kill zombies now

  2. haha that's the desired effect! Glad it's working!

  3. OK, so reading this before I listened, I almost thought about skipping this, that none of its my cup of tea. but the first half was way better than I expected, Lonely Hearts was pretty great, and the constant riffing in Star Fighter reminded me of buying Dokken on cassette. Thew doomier stuff near the end isnt my thing, but even the Merciful Nuns was pretty good, like The Mission or Sisters of Mercy. Hats off Michael, some good stuff in here

  4. Thanks man!! Glad you liked it! That FWOSHM stuff is addictive!