Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Start of the Season: Justin Music 2011.

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-Music Section-

1. Ceremony-Into the Wayside/Sick: This is the opening track from Ceremony's newest record, a band that I was honestly formerly not that into (except 1 song). This record as a whole is amazing: real talk. This song in particular is filled with a building, adult, dispossessed sort of angst that for whatever reason really struck a chord. With screamy vocals from a little dude.

2.Fucked Up-The Other Shoe: Another band that sort of fell off my radar until I picked up this ostensibly concept-esque record this year. Gently instrumented, complex building of layers of what cant rightfully be described as punk anymore, since it's gone beyond those kind of bounds.
With screamy vocals by a big dude.

3.Wugazi-Sweet Relief: Method. Man. Over. Fugazi. Beats. This is my favorite record. Of the year. If you dont go get this, you fucked up.

4.Teenage Bottlerocket-Social Life: Kindhearted, funny-ish, catchy as fuck pop punk. Straight up. Amazing for summer beach driving.

5.Trainwreck Riders-Chug Along: I don't know how I land on the rest of this bands stuff, but this song, with it's weird, plodding, extra countrified Modest Mouse lite twang hit me but good.

6.Lil Wayne-6Foot7: Yeeeeoooooh.

7.Coliseum-Fall of the Pigs: If a motorcycle was a song about, well, pigs falling, this'd be it.

8.This Will Destroy you-Killed the Lord, Left for the New World: A record I was so stoked on that, really, truly doesn't disappoint. A growing of quiet somber post rock soundscapes. With a sit down metal guitar player live. So.

-End of Music Section-

9.Patton Oswalt-The Best Argument: This record has some hilights, some low. But dude always delivers at least once. It says it in a book.

10. My Brother, My Brother and Me-A Sampler: OK, so. Honestly? I haven't listened to as much music as I have in years previous. What do I listen to 8-10 hours a day? Audiobooks. And podcasts. And this is maybe, maybe, the funniest thing I have ever heard consistently in my life. 3 nerdy/not nerdy/ adult but not, brothers giving fake advice to real people and answering internet questions that feel like they shouldn't be real, but probably are. Subscribe to this podcast, or we may not be friends anymore.


  1. David Comes to Life really struck a chord with me too, I feel like I've only scratched the surface.
    Wugazi rules! d/ling the album now.
    Teenage Bottle rocket sounds like I'm 16, in the best way.
    I gotta hear the rest of Tunnel Blanket, spectacular!
    I love when Patton calls into The Best Show. Have you heard him on there? He's on the March 19,2011 show and a few others in this achieve.
    These McElroys are all right, man. …heard a couple episodes and can't wait to giggle along with the rest.

  2. what a great kick off to the Songtrade! man, missing the good ol' days doing this at work indeed... thank goodness for the blog!

    1) surprised how very much i like this too! a little funny, but a lot of honest.

    2) these folks have been such a pleasant surprise, and more than anything, i LOVE the audiences they transcend! for all my loathing of pitchfork, who could imagine they'd get so much coverage! Scharpling endorsement never hurts

    3) mmm hmm! "stop, you're both wrong!" and downloading now....

    5) yeah, that's real nice. it's almost as if some kind of cross pollination happened, and somewhere on the farm, unmistakable country accidentally germinated a hip hop spore

    6) currently ashamed of the Drake billboard across our block, the Li'l Wayne one went up when Fawley was getting married. i Yeeeoooh'd every time i walked by. this is not the kind of production i like, but man is tha Carter charming

    8) amen amen. i was prepared for the 3 "heavies" on this record, and amazed at the transitive qualities of the ambient bridges of relief between, but i believe this was the moment where unpredictability stood out. whenever given the opportunity, they went unexpected yet organic

    9) saving Patton to hear the entire stand up all the way through, but
    10) hilarious. even without their responses.

  3. I usually hate screamy vocals, but that Fucked Up song is great. Wugazi is genius. I really only know Suggestion and Waiting Room, which Fugazi sng is that from? Chugalong was really nice too, reminded me of Modest Mouse's "Baby Blue Sedan". You made Dikembe Mutumbo proud.

  4. Besides Sal (and Josh, but i knew most of his), this was mix i was most looking forward too. You did not disappoint. Here's my breakdown:

    1. This song changed my mind about this band.
    2. You know I’m into this.
    3. Seriously.
    5. Super chill, the kind of Modest Mouse inspired music I actually like. Plus “lite twang”
    7. Perfect description.
    8. Totally new to me, really stoked on this. Bought this instantly.
    9. “I’m glad you like a book.”
    10. “Love sloth.”

    Also dude, thank you for putting this all together!

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