Monday, January 16, 2012

Alexis's 2011 mix

Download here!

Better late than never, right?

Wax Idols - Hotel Room
Lady fronted garagey punk from SF...Reminds me of an Alicja Trout band, like a less synth Black Sunday. From the "No Future" LP, 2011

Arctic Flowers - Vexed
Dark punk from Portland. Their new album has a Post Regiment mixed with Skeletal Family feel. From the "Reveries" LP, one of my favorite records from 2011.

Spectres - Our Time
Dark punk from Brittish Columbia. This song's pretty much a Crisis rip-off, but it's catchy as hell. From the "Last days" LP, 2010

Belgrado - No Answer
Lady fronted dark/post-punk from Barcelona. From their S/T LP, 2011

Blue Cross - Tough Days
More lady fronted dark/post-punk, this time from Ottawa. This is from their 2010 demo, but I don't know if they are still around or have recorded anything more.

Silla Eléctrica - Trabajo
Catchy punk from Madrid with mixed male and female vocals. This song has a Las Vulpess meets Wire feel. From the "Ritmo Suicida" LP, another of my favorites from 2011.

Royal Headache - Psychotic Episode
Melodic mod-influenced punk from Sydney. From their 2011 S/T LP, another favorite album from this year.

Terrible Feelings - Blank Heads
Melodic, garagey-punk from Malmö. Reminds me of a more pop Masshysteri but with all female and English vocals. I didn't care for the vocals at first, but it really grew on me. From the "Blank Heads" 7", 2011

Total Control - One More Tonight
Synth punk/Post-punk influenced from Melbourne. From the "Henge Beat" LP, 2011

Mind Spiders - Dirty Secrets
Fuzzy pop/garage from members of the Marked Men. Most of this year had me in a nostalgia rut as far as music goes, and although this band was new to me this year, it reminded me of being at shows in Austin. From the S/T 7", 2010

And a Bonus song...
Bellicose Minds - Tension Building
Another dark punk/new wave band from Portland, and one of my favorite bands around now. Their S/T 7"came out this year, but I like the songs from the Buzz or Howl sessions demo tape from 2009 best.

1 comment:

  1. 1) wax idols - short, fun, and best played loud!

    2-5) i'm impressed these modern records are truly able to capture sounds from 20 years ago. not just performance but especially production!

    6) i can totally hear a little Wire, but definitely sped up and ran through the streets

    7) royal headache - pretty catchy!

    cool mix! neat to a know there are a lot of bands today picking up and carrying on a lot of these influences from yesteryear.