Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012. The End.

Welcome back to the Songtrade. And further welcome to the twenty-doz edition.
Here's my Goddamn Mix for these, the end times. Or at least this year.

1. Japandroids: Adrenaline Nightshift. This song, I think, may be my jam of 2012. It typifies the lo fi pop punk by way of fuzzy noisiness schlock and roll aesthetic of the two knuckleheads that make up this band. With singalongy parts. Might as well be dippppped in aural coca.

2. The Gaslight Anthem: Misery. You could probably find a lot of reasons to throw barbs at a band that is a Boss influenced, NJ based, pop punkish, grimy rock band doing what is essentially a tribute tothe sound of Nebraska. But. You shouldn't. Just take the ride. Slow, achey, dramatic, and low.

3. Restorations:Neighborhood Song. Something I slept far too long on, and shouldn't have.

4. Macklemore x Ryan Lewis: Thrift Shop. If you would have told me there was a time when I'd give 2 shits about some white rappers from Seattle talking about thrift shopping, I'dve called shennanigans. However. The hook in this song is musically viral, and the video is wildly endearing. I'm not breaking ground here, but, I genuinely like their whole thing.

5.Plug 1 & Plug 2 Present: The Work. 2/3 of De La Soul doing a concept album about the come up of a rap group. Lose the skits and this record is the danciest, riff filled record I heard all year.

6. Menahan St. Band: Driftwood. Unfuckwithablejam from the modern masters of. So.

7. Yuck: Getaway. The sounds of good mid 90's alt scene thrown through modern pedals and just catchy as all get out.

8.Bob Mould: The Descent. There are a lot of great songs on this record, but I may have missed them had I not heard this an end piece while doing some work. It's ll the things I like about homeboy's songwriting.

9. Blood Bros.: First Blood. Kind of cheating (and sorry about the length) but there's no way you could be around our ages, and not appreciate the mash of all these classic epic jamz from action movies. This would be my second favorite song all year.

10. Roderick on the Line: Shit Barge Full of Long Pigs. So. For real, I don't listen to the most music anymore. Instead, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Like. A lot. And there are many that make me laugh, and some that expand some horizons, but I think this one, exemplified by this shitstorm that is this episode (my intro), is the one that does both and constantly challenges me the most. The dynamic of these two kooks is amazing, and reminiscent of many of the reasons I ask the people on here to be on here. Give 'er a shot. I promise, the long haul payoff is worth it.


  1. I don't know if it's dumb to post 7 months after the fact, but I've finally digested everything. Thanks for always doing this JG!

    I gotta stop confusing Japandroids with Japancakes. I think I would love them live, and feel like it was 2000 when I sang along all the time

    dang, is Gaslight Anthem good TOO!?!?

    I pretty much loved the Restorations song in 10 seconds. This may be very biased, and not a perfect match/recommendation, but you should check out The Riot Before's "Rebellion". It does not contain the leatherface-meets-replacements-meets-chamberlain vibe this does, but there is a real great emotional quality out of both bands I could've used more of 13 years ago.

    I somehow missed the whole Thrift Store craze, but found this guy by way of his packaging! Really respect his attention to tangible quality.
    check this:

    DANG I love Plug 1 & 2 and heard De La a mile away before I read your description. So good

    cheers to Menahan, they knew what the were doing AND really stretched out on this one.

    Yuck...yum! Very grateful for your mix in helping me find sounds I've been waiting to come back around. For all the 70s nonsense of the 90s (Kravitz, Black Crows), and all the shallow 80s biting I endured the last decade, I feel that finally the 90s will rear the head I wondered what the influence would be.

    Bob Mould, long may he rock like this

  2. Of course, I can't thank you enough for Blood Brothers from way back