Friday, December 14, 2012

Songs To Be Devoured By Quetzalcoatl To


1-Stelvio Cipriani-La Polizia Sta a Guardare
I fell in love with this song when I heard it in the movie Amer (a French giallo homage). I found it on a comp called Roma Violenta that's all songs from 70's Italian crime movies! The song title translates to "The Police Are Watching".

2-Smart Cops-Il Cattivo Tenente
Saw these Italians in a basement in West Philly this year and they played in cop uniforms with police lights flashing on their amps!  This song title translates to The Bad Lieutenant!!!
 PS-they have an official video for this song. 

3-Arctic Flowers-Technicolor Haze
Saddest and awesomest. 

4-Crimson Scarlet-Two Shades Of Red
Pause and think about how awesome that band name combined with that song title is. These Californians played the mostly cover band show in West Philly this new years. They killed it. Although they got a little outshined by the Judas Priest cover band. 

5-Terrible Feelings-Next Round's On You
My favorite song off this album changed from week to week. This is the current one. Can't...stop...listening....

6-Tokyo Blade-Night Of the Blade
For fans of Riot and Witch Cross. It'll be hard not to sing along.."Run, run, run, night of the bladeeeeee"!

7-Rituals Of the Oak-Drown the Wood In Blood
That 70's satanic rock stuff is a bit overplayed at this point but I LOVE this song...

8-Wooden Stake-Skullcoven
Weird metal that reminds me of Acid Bath even though they don't really sound like Acid Bath?

9-Deathspell Omega-Scorpions and Drought
Short and shredding....

10-Marduk-Serpent Sermon
No Mike mix would be complete without a Marduk song. This one's the title track off the newest album. 

11-Behexen-Awaken Tiamat
OH. MY. GOD. So sweet. Although I think about Tiamat waking up and drinking a cup of coffee with her breakfast.

12-Jeremy Schmidt-Beyond the Black Rainbow
Carpenter meets Goblin.

BONUS!!! Top Ten Movies of 2012 (in no particular order)

1-Beyond the Black Rainbow
If John Carpenter and David Cronenberg had a baby and it was beautiful and drugs.

Aforementioned  French giallo homage, full of sex and a really rough razorblade scene.

3-The Woman In Black
Saw this and people in the theater were scared out of their minds! People left! Someone threw their arms up at a scare shot and had to apologize to their neighbors!

4-We Are What We Are
Sad Mexican cannibal movie

5-Kill List
Definitely my favorite movie of the last 5 years, maybe even 10. The less you know the better. But if you have to know something, it's a hit man movie that takes super weird turn. 

6-Cabin In the Woods
Best WTF movie ever. After the halfway mark, I had no idea what was gonna happen.

I got into a 70's action/cop movie hole (Dirty Harry, Serpico, Vanishing Point, Bullit) and this fit in really well. But way more fucked up.

If John Waters directed Carrie and Carrie wasn't such a pushover. 

9-Room 237
Documentary about obsessed weirdos and their insane theories behind The Shining. Seriously. One dude thinks Kubrick filmed the "fake" moon landing footage and put clues in the dialogue of The Shining to let us know. Another lady is preoccupied with minotaur imagery in the film. It's all insane and totally entertaining. It was screened back to back with The Shining at the Philly film festival this year. 

10-Dream Home
Hong Kong slasher movie about the housing bubble collapse. Sounds boring but it's seriously not. There's a scene where the "heroine" kills a  pregnant lady by suffocating her in a vacuum sealed dry cleaning bag. Also, wieners get chopped off.

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