Monday, January 2, 2012

Alicia's 2011

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1. Trampled by Turtles - Wait So Long

One of the worst band names ever. These guys played at Union Transfer a few months ago and the venue posted the video for this song up on Facebook in an effort to promote the show. I honestly clicked on the link fully expecting a good laugh, judging them by the name alone, and was totally taken aback at how good they were. I almost bought a ticket for the show based on this song alone, but I was broke that week and missed it. The whole album is good, but this one is just over the top great.

2. Frightened Rabbit - Good Arms vs. Bad Arms

Solid Scottish indie rock.

3. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes’ first album was beautiful and ethereal and I liked it quite a bit, but I found it was hard to pick one or two songs that stood out; they all came off fairly similiar and easily bled into one another, making it tough to even remember track titles. With this second album I think they‘ve stepped it up a notch with more meaningful lyrics and songs that stand out more distinctly. The message in this song, of being unsure of your place or direction in life, is a pretty common sentiment but I just love their particular way of expressing it.

4. Chris & Thomas - You’re the One I Want

Man these guys can kill it with the vocal harmonies. Some of my favorite lazy Sunday music; Keeps me happy and stress free with bounce in my step.

5. Deer Tick - Little White Lies

I got into these guys late last year and have since discovered their back catalog... MOST of which is great, some of which is not great (including their most recent album, which was a big disappointment). Anyway, this song, my favoritest, is a bit country-rock ballad and a bit 60’s under the sea dance that starts off slow but switches up the pace toward the end for a sweet sweet payoff.

6. Wye Oak - Civilian

This woman’s voice is so dark and sad and powerful. It makes me feel like I’m underwater.

7. Middle Brother - Million Dollar Bill

This band features the frontmen of the bands Deer Tick, Dawes and The Delta Spirit who all take turns on the vocals. Individually: Deer Tick is very good, Dawes and Delta Spirit not so much. Together: Totally my favorite band of the year. I could’ve put any song from this album on the mix but this particular one definitely got the most rotation for me.

8. Bon Iver - Holocene

Middle Brother is my band of the year, but Bon Iver had my album of the year. I don’t care that this is on like every top 10 of 2011 or whatever, it’s gorgeous and transporting. I can close my eyes and imagine I’m wearing a gauzy dress in a gentle breeze on a warm Spring day and there are puppies playing at my feet.

9. M83 - Midnight City

I can’t not dance to this song. can’t. not. dance.
Again, the whole album is fantastic. I highly recommend Raconte-Moi Une Histoire. (it’s the most adorable)

10 & 11.
Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

I cheated here and grouped these two together because I like them for essentially the same reason and I couldn’t pick between one or the other. Pure guilty dance-y pop pleasures that stimulate the joy centers of my brain. I feel like most people on here will disagree with me on this, but I don’t fucking care. Proceed with caution.


  1. Alicia, i am sooo glad you posted this! At least half of your mix is something new to me and i already bought one album by your recommendation. Here's four of my favorites:

    4. This is something i'm really into, its really beautiful and serene. It reminds me alot of Rocky Votolato, who i absolutely love. If you haven't listened to him, i'll send you one of his albums to check out.

    6 & 7. Love both of these.

    9. Best dance song, just bought this!

  2. 1) i love the juxtaposition of the insanely fast banjo with the fiddle that almost slows it down. honestly, i was pretty pissed off once the loud singing started (reminded me of when bands play tv shows, and the guy mixing SNL or whatever thinks only the singer exists), but by the 55th second i was saying "I love this song!"

    2) cool! the year i played SXSW (2007?) Sarah saw these guys by chance somewhere and fell in love with them immediately. one of those reasons to go to SXSW, you can trip and stumble into a great new band like this, Scotts playing a department store, etc

    3) wow, so good. i don't know what my hangup was with them. Kyle was telling us about them for years it seems, and i never got around to it until my brother forced me to download it. loved it; an almost flawless "quiet record to play loud". so why haven't i bothered to see if the 2nd album is any good? no clue, but sounds like it's just as awesome

    4) awesome harmonies. i love the continuation of Americana this generation.

    5) your mix from 2010 was my intro to them and it was a stand out track on good rotation here! this one's a little more playful, but they seem like a really fun band too

    6) love the fearless noise it erupts into by the end. you may want to ask my brother Dan about Sarah Jaffe. varied, more hushed, but strong as well

    7) i love the idea of some of these supergroups, so to speak. whether it's Highwaymen, Traveling' Willburys, or the Soul Clan... there's something a little magical about it all

    8) i assumed the acclaim and grammys were the type of accolades doled out by johnny come lately listeners, but i was blown away how this record was topping the lists for everyone and their dog, djs and metalheads, etc. i gotta say, something lovely and layered throughout. i'm happy something so textured and glimmering is getting such a reception. may have to check this whole record out

    9) :)

    10) french and fun; Jiri's going to love this one. i do too. pleasure center indeed, like getting a needle full of bubblegum

    11) and now i know what Robyn sounds like! sounds like she liked Cyndi Lauper. i know this defeats the purpose of getting on a dance floor, but i think i'd be a bigger fan of pop if no song went over the 2 minute mark.

    awesome mix as always and expected Alicia!