Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jeanne's 2011 Mix (one year late)

So last year I didn't get around to actually making a downloadable mix or a post but I did make a preliminary mix on youtube at work and I figured I might as well post it late buried back here with the other 2011 mixes. 
Youtube Link HERE
1) The X-Girlfriend- Castration Squad: A punk and death rock lady supergroup that included Alice Bag. I think I found this through Alice Bag's website years ago but it wasn't until recently that she started posting some songs and videos and I got a chance to check it out. Best name.

2) Morning Moon- Cortex: I find this band really hard to describe.  It's all a little sad and a little nonsensical and I find it pretty irresistable

3) Too Much Junk- The Alley Cats:  The Alley Cats are essentially a 2nd rate X but I have no problem with that.

4)Nightmare- The Rats: I love everything Toody and Fred Cole do. Someone played me this record a while ago but it wasn't very available at the time. It's been re released and you can get it here.

5)The Other Side of Darkness- Night Birds: Night Birds are great.  Surfy, dark and snotty and you have so many opportunities to see them since they're from NJ and they play Philly all the time. See them!

6)Twist of Cain- Samhain: I didn't realize there was a Samhain version of this song. I'm delighted to know there's a faster and crummier version of a song I already like!

7)When Lightening Strikes-Malibu Barbi: I found this band through the Female fronted metal project. This song is awesome and supposedly about Cliff Burton? But that's the WORST band name. And the album art is..somehow worse?

8)Grimorium Verum-Abysmal Grief: Music for haunting graveyards. It's SORT of funny but I also feel compelled to take it really seriously. 

9) The Bell Witch-Mercyful Fate: Step one in my slow progress towards learning to like Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.  I like this song because I like the Bell Witch and I like when he enunciates "Haun-Ted by an En-Ti-ty"

10) If I Had a Heart- Fever Ray: So spooky. I listened to this a ton while painting.

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